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Preconception Checkup in Greater Noida

Pre Pregnancy Check up in Greater Noida

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Women who have a greater chance of having a high-risk pregnancy can benefit most from counseling before pregnancy occurs. These women include elderly ladies, those with recurrent pregnancy loss, members of specific ethnic groups, those exposed to potentially teratogenic agents, patients with metabolic or genetic diseases, and those with an obstetric history of isoimmunization, previous cesarean section, or preterm delivery. Preconceptional counseling is an extension of prenatal care intended to minimize the maternal and fetal risk, to prevent birth defects, and to provide high-risk women with information about the risk and available options. Most of these options are viable only if the patient is aware of their availability before attempting conception.

If you are ready to become a parent, then why not make a foolproof plan? Meet our gynecologist Dr. Suman Mehla who can guide you on preconception. As a female bear the child in the womb, she must take different tests before conception. It is to make sure that the baby will be healthy and safe throughout pregnancy. When you are mentally prepared to have a child, then you must plan a visit to Dr. Suman Mehla Genesis Clinic. Find out maximum information about the conception and precautions leaving no room for doubts. We have trained and educated staff that can assist you to understand preconception better. We work on the latest technology that enables us to make the procedure accurate and faster.


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